About Lexi

DiFiglia Music Studio
1020 Raymere Ave
Ocean, New Jersey


BA Elementary Education and Music, Saint Michael's College, Vermont

MS Interdisciplinary Special Education, Southern Connecticut State University, Connecticut

I am Lexi DiFiglia and I am thrilled to bring the gift of music and piano to Ocean Township and surrounding communities!

Piano lessons were such an important part of my growing up and I cherish the memories I have of my teachers, recitals, competitions, dedication to practice, and even the frustration of mastering a new piece. I began piano lessons as a gift for my 8th birthday and continued to study piano and music history, theory, and composition through college. After earning my undergraduate degree, I joined the education field to fulfill a lifelong passion.

The majority of my teaching career over the past 10 years has been spend working with students with severe emotional disabilities in residential, day treatment, and inpatient hospital settings in CT, MD, and NJ.

In the spring of 2011, I was given the opportunity to meld my passions for both teaching and music. I taught music and performing arts at my parish school. I also was involved in music ministry by joining the church choir, cantoring, and volunteering with children's choirs.

This classroom and leadership experience has taught me the deep need for all educations to find connections with their students in order to inspire all to reach their highest potential and be successful in both academics and life. For me, that connection was music.

While growing as a professional, I kept music close as a hobby and integrated my piano skills into many opportunities along the way. I also married my college sweetheart, Ed. We also have two amazing children: Tony and Bella.

I see and hear music all around us and it is through music that I can express who I am. My goal is to create a nurturing, positive environment for my students to learn and make music and for all students to express themselves through playing the piano.

Difiglia Music has been brewing for the past few years and there is no better time to open the doors than in our new home. Together with my family, I relocated to Wanamassa, NJ this past summer and am incredibly excited to start this new chapter.